Aymeric Vincenot

Burundi protests turn violent as poll delayed

The Burundian presidency pushed back elections by 10 days as police clashed with protesters, shooting and killing a soldier.

S Sudan marks third anniversary as famine looms

The world's youngest nation marks its third anniversary of independence while a civil war rages and its citizens remain at risk of severe hunger.

Kagame’s party set to win Rwanda elections by landslide

Paul Kagame's RPF, which has run the country since ending the genocide nearly 20 years ago, are headed for a predicted landslide win.

Displaced Kenyans still live in fear since 2007 polls

In the run-up to Kenya's elections in March, people still displaced have camped around the town of Nakuru in Rift Valley and fear renewed violence.

Ten years into war, Afghan farmers still hooked on poppies

Nearly a decade into the war in Afghanistan, opium poppies are still the major crop for many farmers and a big source of income for the Taliban.

‘Total disorder’ in Congo legislative elections

The first round of Congo's legislative elections was marked by chaos on Sunday, with long delays, protesters crying foul and about 40 smaller opposition parties boycotting the ballot. In neighbourhoods of the capital, Brazzaville, and the economic capital, Pointe-Noire, several polling stations had still not opened by noon.

Congo ruling party expected to win legislative elections

President Denis Sassou Nguesso's ruling party is expected to be the big winner of legislative elections on Sunday in Congo, where opposition complaints have had little impact. Sassou Nguesso has been back in controversy this week after French prosecutors started investigating allegations that he used embezzled state funds to buy luxury Paris apartments.

We were sex slaves, say captives of Janjaweed

Young women captured by the government-backed Janjaweed militia, who are accused of a reign of terror in Sudan's Darfur region, say they were used as sex slaves and servants. Two young women, one carrying a baby, who arrived in the abandoned village of Kour, said they had been kidnapped then released in the middle of the desert because the militia did not want to be burdened by the child.

Hu Jintao to unveil Beijing’s new policy towards Africa

Chinese President Hu Jintao will unveil Beijing's new policy towards Africa in a speech to parliament in Gabon, where he is due to arrive on Sunday on the second leg of a three-nation tour of the continent. ''We have entered a new era, the 21st century, and Chinese leaders have changed,'' said Chinese ambassador Fan Zhenshui.

War and rain conspire against cocoa growers

Unfavourable rains could not have come at a worse time for Ivory Coast's cocoa growers, already grappling with the effects of a civil war that has torn the west African country in two.

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