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Burundi opposition deems fair elections ‘impossible’

Burundi's main opposition parties have said holding free and fair elections on June 5 is "impossible" and that the result should not be recognised.

Burundi protests turn violent as poll delayed

The Burundian presidency pushed back elections by 10 days as police clashed with protesters, shooting and killing a soldier.

Burundi army divided after coup attempt

Burundi's armed forces chief announced that an attempted coup against President Pierre Nkurunziza, who is in hiding in Tanzania, had failed.

Burundi in crisis talks to end deadly demonstrations

Protesters refuse to end demonstrations against President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid to run for a third term. So far, more than a dozen people have died.

Burundi’s economy up in smoke after devastating fire

Four months after Bujumbura's key market was razed to the ground, thousands of traders and the economy itself are reeling from the blow.

Burundi death squads kill 300 in five months

A rights group says more than 300 members of Burundi's former rebel group and opposition supporters have been killed by state-backed death squads.

Corpses in Burundi river ignite fears of new unrest

At a side of the Rusizi River in Burundi, not far from a group of hippos, lies the first body, a headless man naked to the waist.

Fragile Burundi kicks off electoral marathon

Burundi's peace deal and democratic ambitions will be put to the test on Monday, with the start of the first phase of an electoral marathon.

Burundi’s albinos flee witchdoctors

In recent weeks, Burundi has seen a gruesome string of murders and mutilations of albinos, whose body parts are sold to witchdoctors.

Burundi govt and rebels sign ceasefire deal

Burundi's government and the last active rebel group on Monday signed an unconditional ceasefire agreement, raising hopes of a definitive end to the small Central African nation's 15-year civil war. The deal between the government and the National Liberation Forces (FNL) was reached after a six-week round of fresh fighting.

Burundi army claims 50 rebels killed in clashes

The Burundian army said that about 50 rebels from the National Liberation Forces were killed in heavy fighting on Wednesday that also left two government soldiers dead. The clashes were among the worst since hostilities resumed three weeks ago, dashing hopes of a breakthrough in peace efforts.

Burundians fear return to conflict

Burundi's acute political deadlock and the collapse of peace talks have raised fears that the nation might fall back into the deadly conflict that devastated the country for more than a decade. "I'm scared because I have this feeling that the country is going backwards instead of forwards," said Cyrille Barekebuvuge, a shopowner in the centre of the capital.

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