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Government’s liquified petroleum gas strategy fails smaller players

The government should create an enabling environment for black women business owners to become less reliant on de facto monopolies in the industry

Petrol to cost a record high R27.74 a litre from Wednesday

The steep increase is despite the treasury’s decision extend the reduction in the general fuel levy by 75 cents a litre

Petrol industry association warns of steep fuel hikes unless government extends levy reprieve

Petrol industry association warns of steep fuel hikes unless government extends levy reprieve

Petrol price to decrease slightly from Wednesday

But the wholesale price of diesel and illuminating paraffin will go up

Petrol rations mooted if Russia crisis persists

But ‘we are not there yet’ says the department of mineral resources and energy

Relief as treasury puts brakes on fuel levy hike amid petrol price crunch

The last time the fuel price was not increased because of a change in either the fuel levy or the Road Accident Fund levy was in 1990

Petrol jumps over R20 a litre inland

Ahead of travel season, Wednesday’s fuel price hike will push the price of petrol – around R19.50 a litre – to above R20 in Gauteng and other inland provinces

Local energy sector still has too few women participants, says petroleum agency

Only 40% of applicants to the Petroleum Agency of South Africa’s skills development trust for 2022 were women. But the agency’s chief executive says it is trying to offer them opportunities

Petrol, power price hikes hit South Africa hard

Households are reeling after the fuel price hike, as electricity is set to go up by 15.06% in 2022

Government bans mass petrol and diesel purchases

Restrictions are likely to affect people who consume fuel for uses such as running generators to power medical equipment, says the Automobile Association

Why motorists are paying more for petrol

Steep fuel price hikes are the result of higher levies, which came into effect this week, as well as a turbulent international oil market

Saudi strikes spill hopes of a petrol price cut

The AA forecasts 95 octane will drop by 5 cents a litre and 93 octane by 20 cents

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