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A Sophiatown musical to Sunday Jazz Sundowners, don’t miss this

April 2018 also marks the arrival of the fourth iteration of Black Chronicles, a highly acclaimed photographic and multimedia exhibition.

Sophiatown gets back in the mix for heritage month

Sophiatown Heritage and Cultural Centre has become a lighthouse for a cultural expansion into a future Sophiatown cultural and heritage precinct.

Sophiatown’s living heritage grooves into the future

A recently opened venue on Thornton Avenue in Sophiatown is at once a film-screening centre, gallery and jazz venue.

The hunt is on for Sophiatown’s treasures

A "Sophiatown treasure hunt" was launched by the Trevor Huddleston Centre in Johannesburg on Wednesday, Human Rights Day, in the hopes of creating a unique collection of historic artefacts for Sophiatown's new heritage museum, said Jerry Masoleng, the centre's heritage officer.

Sophiatown gets its name back

South Africans of all colours this weekend celebrated the return to its original name of Johannesburg's most famous suburb, once blighted by apartheid bulldozers more than half-a-century ago. The working-class area in western Johannesburg was renamed Sophiatown on Saturday as it was once known by the 65 000 black residents who lived there before being forcibly removed by the white minority government in 1955.

Telling the story of Sophiatown

The reclaiming and renaming of Sophiatown, which has had two names for far too long, is a past we dare not forget, said Johannesburg Mayor Amos Masondo on Saturday. Masondo was speaking at a ceremony to rename Triomf back to Sophiatown, west of Johannesburg.

Sophiatown oak No residential pardon

An oak tree in Sophiatown that might be as old as Joburg has been earmarked for destruction because it has become a nuisance.

Rekindling the spirit of Sophiatown

A small church is reuniting the uprooted residents of Kofifi, writes Peter MakurubeWhen former residents of Sophiatown talk about their beloved Kofifi, they...

School sows division in Sophiatown

Dawn BlalockA PLAN to build a high school for disadvantaged students has stirred up charges of racism in Sophiatown - and illustrates how...

Sophiatown the Golden

Three new books on the 1950s freeze history in photographs,=20 HAZEL FRIEDMAN. Is this a valuable lesson or just wallowing=20 in nostalgia? FOR...

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