Reesha Chibba
Guest Author
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/ 26 June 2006

The truth is out there … somewhere

South Africa’s Unidentified Flying Objects Resource (Saufor) will host its second annual Unbind Your Mind UFO conference in celebration of World UFO Day on July 1 in Cape Town. Cristo Louw, founder of Saufor, said in a statement on Monday: "The time is ripe for the South African public to be informed about the true nature of the UFO issue."

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/ 15 June 2006

It’s a hard life on the streets of Johannesburg

A group of men sits huddled around a two-plate stove. They rub their hands, trying to stay warm; one eats porridge with a wooden spoon straight out of the pot. This is the end of the line for Johannesburg’s homeless, and every night between 500 and 800 people bed down in the halls of the Central Methodist church in Johannesburg’s inner city.

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/ 7 June 2006

Could two time zones help electricity demand?

South Africa should consider the introduction of two time zones in order to alleviate Eskom’s electricity peak-demand woes, said Professor Christo Viljoen, a professional electrical engineer and former member of the then-Eskom council, this week. "If South Africa is … divided into two time zones … the peak demand of the two zones will not coincide.

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/ 1 June 2006

The good news is ‘there will be gas’

Residents in Johannesburg and other inland and KwaZulu-Natal regions who are experiencing gas shortages need not panic because "there will be gas", Colin McClelland, director of the South African Petroleum Industry Association, told the <i>Mail & Guardian Online</i> on Thursday. "I’m not concerned that people won’t get gas," he said.