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Covid-19 escalates xenophobia in South Africa – Report

Politicians have increasingly come under scrutiny for their alleged inflammatory comments which have been taken as endorsement by anti-foreigner activists

Poverty and policy drives xenophobia in South Africa

South Africa promotes the African Continental Free Trade Area — yet its immigration and labour legislation is becoming increasingly anti-African

Fixing the home affairs department is key to fighting xenophobia

Not only is the department dysfunctional and its officials hostile, but it does not act on its legislative and constitutional obligations

[BR]OTHER: Xenophobia born of dreams deferred

A new book of images and essays about the Afrophobic violence in South Africa attempts to take the narrative forward

Xenophobia weaponised in ‘truck wars’

KZN’s premier has tried to intervene by offering South Africans preferential access to jobs, but foreign drivers say locals don’t want the work

Xenophobia chips away at the African notion of ubuntu

The multifaceted and complex issues facing the continent can only be tackled effectively together

Telling the complex story of ‘medical xenophobia’ in South Africa

The experiences of non-nationals in SA’s public health care system are more complex and varied than implied by the dominant discourse on "medical

The people behind the xenophobia

Zweli Ndaba wrote the flyer that spurred hostel residents and truck drivers to take part in the shutdown that led to the violence in Jo’burg

South Africa is burning: femicide, xenophobia and protests

South Africans and migrants alike struggle to lead dignified lives. People are desperate and fed up

Xenophobia and party politics in South Africa

All political parties in SA try to mobilise voters based on their and voters' xenophobia and they're outdoing each other

Resolute in the face of xenophobia

Many residents fled after Durban’s third wave of attacks, but to others leaving is just not an option

​In the age of xenophobia, we ought to rethink ‘the foreigner’

Strangers are feared yet are often the vulnerable, so face the ‘threat’ and check our morality.

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