Marko Phiri

Suicide cases soar in Zimbabwe

The economic crisis in the country appears to be pushing people over the mental edge

Covid-19 escalates xenophobia in South Africa – Report

Politicians have increasingly come under scrutiny for their alleged inflammatory comments which have been taken as endorsement by anti-foreigner activists

Zimbabwe a transit site for migrants

Syndicates in Zimbabwe traffic Africans fleeing the strife in their countries to South Africa

Covid exposes Zimbabwe’s orphan emergency

The country already has hundreds of thousands of children orphaned by Aids and social services cannot cope with numbers boosted by the pandemic

Honda Fit has become the vehicle of choice for criminals in Zimbabwe

The police have warned commuters about using these pirate taxis but people have no choice but to use them

Bulawayo, a city of adventures and misadventures, teens, knives and murders

The city’s youth turned scripts about gangster and the stories told by their uncles of life in Jozi into their own daily experiences

Bulawayo’s streets an open-air pesticide market

Faced with the breakdown in essential services and poverty, people have turned to buying and selling illicit poisons.

Zimbabwe’s loan sharks smile as runaway inflation looms again

Well before Zimbabwe’s economy took a hit in the late 1990s, spurring world-record inflation, usury was a part of the daily lives of working-class households in South Africa’s northern neighbour

Hope fades for voters in Zimbabwe

Zanu-PF’s stranglehold on power has throttled the many parties that have tried to dislodge it

Zimbabwe: Violent politics deters women from standing as candidates in elections

Sticks and stones – and shaming – discourages women from contesting elections.

Covid-19 border closures hit Zimbabwe’s women traders hard

The past 18 months have been tough for women cross-border traders, who saw their income vanish when borders closed

Zimbabwe: How women are taking over cross-border smuggling

When Covid-19 hit and borders closed, people still needed to bring their groceries into Zimbabwe. Some women have taken the chance to earn a bit of cash

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