Marko Phiri

Zimbabwe: Violent politics deters women from standing as candidates in elections

Sticks and stones – and shaming – discourages women from contesting elections.

Covid-19 border closures hit Zimbabwe’s women traders hard

The past 18 months have been tough for women cross-border traders, who saw their income vanish when borders closed

Zimbabwe: How women are taking over cross-border smuggling

When Covid-19 hit and borders closed, people still needed to bring their groceries into Zimbabwe. Some women have taken the chance to earn a bit of cash

Hunger, death and safer births in cash-strapped Zimbabwe

Find out how countries around the world are getting mothers to book in for better births starting right here close to home

Hanged by the state but icons to the youth

Chidhumo was Zim’s most notorious felon, so why has popular culture lionised him?

Ready, steady — go, gore, gone

Bulawayo's daredevil pedestrians make Marko Phiri's head spin.

The moneychangers’ flea market in Zim’s CBD

They wear flashy garments and loud perfumes, presenting themselves as uptown yuppies.

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