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About us

The Mail & Guardian is a quality investigative and comment news publication, based on a culture of editorial independence and excellence. We have published a weekly newspaper since our first edition in 1985, and in 1994 we became the first news organisation in South Africa to launch a website.

Since that first issue, the M&G has maintained an activist soul. We were born out of the need for a truly free and independent press in the dark days of the Apartheid regime, and through our journalism, we maintain and promote our core values of truth, freedom, justice and equality.

Our aim is to create space for debate and diversity, to defend freedom of expression and to combat racial, political and religious prejudice. We stand in solidarity with the powerless and vulnerable and we strive for a more just and compassionate South Africa.

Who owns the Mail & Guardian?

The Mail & Guardian is owned by Mail & Guardian Media (Pty) Ltd, a private company. The not-for-profit Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) owns a majority stake in the company, and its ownership structure includes all permanent staff members.

Leadership at the Mail & Guardian

Our current CEO is Hoosain Karjieker, and our editor-in-chief is Ron Derby. You can find full details and important contact information here.

Transparency at Mail & Guardian

Mail & Guardian currently receives funding from the Adamela Trust, our own not-for-profit foundation, for journalism internships and production of The Continent, our award-winning, pan-African PDF publication.

We also receive funding from the Open Society Foundation South Africa for our environmental reporting, and from the South African Media Innovation Programme (an MDIF initiative) for our digital development.

Our sister site, Thought Leader, is currently the recipient of a grant from the Membership in News Project.

We are committed to the ideals of our journalism when it comes to accountability and transparency.

All commercial relationships including but not limited to advertising on our digital, social and print platforms, as well as special events and newsletters, is clearly marked. We uphold a strict code of editorial independence and are members of the South African Press Council.

Beyond these commercial relationships, our primary source of revenue is from our readers themselves via print sales and subscriptions. If you would like to subscribe to the Mail & Guardian, you can do so here.