Why the SACP needs to cut the ANC umbilical cord. Or perish
After tiptoeing around contesting power the SACP is looking to strengthen its position now that the ANC is no longer the dominant force it used to be.



Fire-damaged KZN prison up and running again despite not being fixed
Glencoe wardens are fearing prisoner escapes after the department demanded that they return to duty despite the jail’s near-derelict state


Ronnie Mamoepa dead at 56 after long illness
Cyril Ramaphosa's spokesperson died on Saturday


The hotline trying to stop men murdering their wives
A hotline in the US is trying to tackle the high rate of domestic violence against nurses in the Nigerian diaspora.


50 000 litres of sewage flow into SA's rivers every second
Every second, 50 000 litres of sewage flow into the country’s rivers, a result of no maintenance because of corruption and incompetence


At least 50 000 children go hungry in KwaZulu-Natal
In a small number of cases principals reported that providers had contacted them to say there would be no food on Monday, but none could explain why.


Costs are ‘out of control’ at Eskom
The utility is at pains to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse as interest costs continue to rise

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Self-help vigilante groups are reshaping security against Boko Haram
Nigeria's failure to protect its citizens from Boko Haram's insurgency has given rise to vigilante groups north east of the country.


When buyers of sex pay the legal price, everyone wins
The only solution to problems created by the "prostitution industry" is to end it, argue opponents as we kick off a two-part debate.


Leaner, hungry Lions eye history
The last time they dominated Super Rugby was 20 years ago, but this team is a very different beast

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Family conversations to divide and conquer
“Because I am a young, black boy and in the US they kill us,” he answered solemnly.