/ 14 April 2004

‘This is not a day for politicians’

Tony Leon, leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, strode among voters at the Saxonwold Primary School in Johannesburg at 8.30am on Wednesday morning, saying: ”This is not a day for politicians, it’s a day for voting”.

”I’m feeling strong. It’s in the hands of the people,” he said.

DA officials could still be seen putting up election posters outside the entrance to the school at 8.30am. No posters from other parties were visible.

First time voter Tebogo Sebambo (19) of Parkwood, said her mother had ”forced” her to register.

On her way into the voting station, Sebambo said she had only decided which party she was going to support last week.

On the way out she said she was ”scared”.

”Have I made the right choice?” she said.

Her mother, Monica (49) was voting for the third time, and said that this year did not seem to have the ‘vibe” of 1994.

”So far the [ANC] government has done its best ‒ but it’s not attracting the youth”.

”Other parties are trying harder than the ANC to educate the youth. Very soon we [parents] will be no more. I’ll be happy if parties can attract the youth”.