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State capture inquiry conducts ‘in loco’ inspection at Gupta compound — report

Evidence leaders for the Zondo commission are at the Gupta compound in Saxonwold with former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor to carry out an on-site inspection

The Saxonwold tea parties: A timeline of Nene’s meetings with the Guptas

Nhlanhla Nene told the state capture commission he had met with the Gupta family on four occasions between 2010 and 2013 on invitation from Ajay

Mentor trips up under the spotlight

The state capture witness admits to mixing up names and fails to remember key dates

Raid at Gupta Saxonwold compound to seize assets related to Vrede dairy farm case

​Authorities raided the Guptas' Saxonwold compound on Monday to seize assets from those implicated in the Vrede dairy farm case, the NPA said

Gupta compound raided to seize assets related to Vrede dairy

Two months later, the Hawks are back at the Gupta compound to seize assets related to the Free State dairy project

Jacob Zuma: Made in Luthuli House

Cut the BS: The ANC sculpted its now-discarded presidential toy in its own, highly flawed image

Hawks confirm raid at Gupta Saxonwold residence

​The Hawks have confirmed that an early morning raid is currently underway at the Saxonwold residence of the controversial Gupta family

DA agrees not to go too close to Gupta Saxonwold home

The DA has agreed to not come within a 900m radius of the infamous Gupta family compound in Saxonwold during its anti-state capture march on Thursday.

Sozzled at the Saxonwold Shebeen

It's a mission to find a finance minister-in-waiting at the most famous pub of Africa.

​Suburban diss: Saxonwold residents vent over the Guptas’ ‘monster’ mansion

A gargantuan house adjoining the family compound is attracting ire from neighbours, who want it demolished.

Journey back to a world where men were men

"SaxonWorld is an exclusive theme park — so exclusive that you can’t find it online."

Gupta neighbours threaten to sue if building goes ahead

Saxonwold residents have threatened legal action if the City of Johannesburg grants permission for an illegally built mansion in the Gupta compound.

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Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

Stern warning against Covid greets Mthembu’s death

The ANC has slammed conspiracy theorists and cautioned against showing complacency towards the deadly virus

Lala ngoxolo Mvelase Jackson Mthembu

In his announcement, President Cyril Ramaphosa called the late minister ‘a life-long champion of freedom and democracy’

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