Bongo proclaimed president by Gabon court

The Gabon Constitutional Court on Thursday declared the re-election of Omar Bongo Ondimba as president of the republic with 79,18% of the votes cast in last weekend’s election.

Bongo (69) who has been in power since 1967, is Africa’s longest-ruling leader.

He will serve a new seven-year term following his decisive victory over opposition candidate Pierre Mamboundou, who won 13,61% of the vote, according to the Constitutional Court, and former government minister Zacharie Myboto,who won 6,58%.

The definitive final votes were close to those anounced on Tuesday by the interior ministry. The president of the court, Marie-Madeleine Mborantsuo said it had made a number of small corrections to the total. The two main opposition candidates,

however, said there had been massive fraud and fabrication of figures.

Mamboundou said on Tuesday that he had won with an absolute majority.

The Constitutional Court said 63,63% of the 554 967 inscribed electors cast ballots.
- Sapa-AFP

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