/ 13 March 2006

Woman ‘in heaven’ as beer flows from taps

Many a beer lover may dream of having free beer on tap at home.

That dream came true over the weekend for Haldis Gundersen of the western Norwegian city of Oslo, reports said on Monday.

”I thought I was in heaven,” Gundersen told the online edition of Verdens Gang after experiencing how beer flowed freely from every tap in her apartment on Saturday evening.

Heaven turned out to be hell at the Big Tower Bar, located two floors under Gundersen’s apartment: water, not beer, flowed out of its beer taps.

Brewery experts were summoned and discovered the cause of the fault.

”I was going to change beer tanks and of course I connected them wrongly,” bartender Ann-Mari Rande (31) said.

Gundersen (50) later admitted that the free beer flowing from her faucets did not taste all that good since it lacked its fizz (carbon dioxide). — Sapa-dpa