/ 19 November 2007

Three robbers killed after botched heist in Pretoria

Three robbers were shot and killed and five others were arrested after they tried to rob a Coin Security van in Pretoria on Monday.

National police spokesperson Sally de Beer said the Coin Security guards noticed they were being followed at about 9am on Monday morning by a black Nissan Navara on Christina De Wit Drive in Pretoria and immediately notified the police’s special task force.

De Beer said while the guards were making the call, a Mercedes Benz rammed into the cash-in-transit van.

When the police arrived, the robbers opened fire and a shoot-out ensued.

”Three of the robbers were killed in the shoot-out and five were arrested. Of the five, two were injured,” she said.

”Unfortunately two of our task-force members were also wounded; one was wounded seriously after he was shot in the face and the other sustained minor injuries.”

Both men were taken to hospital.

Police recovered three firearms at the scene and the three cars used in the heist, a Mercedes Benz, a Nissan Navara and a Ford Focus. No money was taken.

This is the second botched cash heist to have taken place in Gauteng on Monday.

Earlier in Sebokeng, Zone 10, one robber was shot dead, and four wounded during an attempted cash-in-transit heist, Vaal police said. – Sapa