/ 3 June 2008

Britons too busy to peel oranges

Britons are too busy to eat oranges in their lunch breaks nowadays and are opting instead for ”easy to peel” fruit like satsumas, according to a survey.

For the third year in a row, orange consumption has fallen. It was down 2% at about 600-million compared with the previous year, market researchers TNS said.

Although still popular with the health-conscious over-45s seeking their five-a-day fruit and vegetable intake, oranges are being replaced by the smaller and more manageable satsumas and tangerines among young adults.

Both are easier to carry in lunch boxes, quicker to peel and less messy to eat.

Consumption of satsumas rose 35% over the past year to about 460-million and the number of tangerines jumped 60% to about 62-million.

”Satsumas are the key growth area,” a TNS spokesperson said. ”Seven in every 10 times oranges are consumed for health reasons,” she added.

But while adults cannot find the time for oranges, they do encourage children to have them. Consumption among children is about 15% up. – Reuters