Ship loses log cargo near Robben Island

A ship carrying about 300 logs lost its cargo while passing Robben Island, the South African Maritime Safety Authority said on Tuesday.

Spokesperson Saleem Modak said the ship was en route to Cape Town harbour on Sunday when it lost its cargo.

The logs were spreading out over a large area, he said.

“The logs are still floating on the water and are a major navigational hazard. Some of the logs that have detached from the ship weigh in at 50 tonnes and are 2m in length.

“Four ships are been prepared for a recovery process of the logs. This process might take about five days.”

Modak said every single log recovered was one less hazard for ships in the area.

“Navigational warnings are been transmitted on a regular basis via voice mari-band radio to warn ships that are in the vicinity to keep away.”

The safety authority was conducting an investigation into the cause of the accident, said Modak.—Sapa


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