Tourism to benefit the poor

Tourism is the world’s largest industry, employing 240-million people and contributing 10% of GDP. Africa’s share of the global market is 5% and there is a need for an aggressive tourism development to spur revenue, employment and investment.

But rapid growth carries costs.
Tourism can have a negative effect on the environment and create social problems that affect communities to the detriment of the poor. Research shows labour standards in the industy are poor.

Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) promotes growth that delivers benefits to people and the environment. It contributes to poverty reduction through skills development, social investment and supply chain linkages.

The FTTSA certification programme marks the first attempt globally to apply the principles of fair trade to the industry, enabling tourism businesses to operate in ways that encourage poverty reduction and sustainable development. So far 33 establishments, six of which are community-based ventures, have qualified for FTTSA certification.

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