Toys for Africa

There are countries in Africa that are among the poorest in the world. Increasingly, people are recognising that real development requires fair trade rather than aid. It is for this reason that the African Toyshop has committed itself to fair-trade principles since its inception.

The African Toyshop is perhaps the first of its kind in the world and sells toys that have been handmade in Africa.
It is improving the lives of many toymakers, who are not only paid a fair price for their work but are paid a percentage upfront to cover their expenses.

When toys prove popular, the price paid to toymakers for orders is increased. Toymakers come to understand the value of their work and become empowered to demand fair value from people with whom they trade.

By working with individual toymakers and established co-operatives, the African Toyshop is succeeding in its aim to expose African toys and toymakers to a wider audience, both locally and abroad.

The African Toyshop wants to show that, despite negative images on TV screens, Africa is a place of creativity and beauty. Through its innovative and socially conscious approach, the African Toyshop has become a driver of change.

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