/ 13 May 2009

Youth prefer Madiba to Obama as chat room buddy

More youths would prefer Nelson Mandela as their chat room buddy than United States President Barack Obama, a mobile social network said on Wednesday.

The network conducted a survey of 5 000 users between the ages of 15 and 24.

Twenty-five percent of the youth surveyed thought it would be ”cool” to have the former South African president and struggle icon as their chat buddy on the MXit network, the mobile social network said.

Obama garnered the number two spot with 17% of the votes.

”The survey illuminated some very interesting mobile chat behavioural patterns,” said MXit’s international marketing manager, Juan du Toit.

”Respected political figures like Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama seem to have struck the right chord with teenagers.”

Pop star, Lady Gaga, emerged in the top spot in the entertainment world, with 23% of the users surveyed wanting her as a friend to chat with via their cellphones.

About 18% of the youth wanted musician and actress, Miley Cyrus, as their chat buddy, while only 17% said it was ”cool” to have their best friends on their contact list. — Sapa