/ 17 July 2009

Mandela in video

As Nelson Mandela turns 91, we sifted through the archives at YouTube and found some of the highlights from the great man’s life.

First Nelson Mandela interview
Nelson Mandela, already a leading figure in resistance to apartheid, was asked on May 21 1961 by ITN’s Brian Widlake, for his views about the campaign to secure the franchise for South Africa’s black population.

Mandela released (1990)

Inauguration of Mandela (1994)

Mandela’s speech at the 46664 concert (2007)

Mandela’s 90th birthday concert
Amy Winehouse, Razorlight, Annie Lennox and Will Smith all performed at the celebrations in Hyde Park.

Free Nelson Mandela performed by the The Special AKA

Johnny Clegg sings Asimbonanga live in Frankfurt in 2007

Amy Winehouse sings Free Nelson Mandela at the 46664 Concert in London in 2008

U2 Bono & Edge sing Happy Birthday to Mandela at the 46664 concert