MWeb unveils low-cost uncapped broadband

Local internet service provider MWeb on Thursday claimed to be the first major player in South Africa to offer uncapped ADSL on a significant scale.

The group said that with support from its parent company, Naspers, it is able to offer the cheapest unlimited internet access in the country, “available 24 hours a day, with all the value-added products, technical back-up and a world-class network”.

It claimed that its low-cost uncapped ADSL consumer and business offerings, priced from R219 per month, were 40% cheaper than other offerings.

Rudi Jansen, MWeb CEO, said: “MWeb’s latest move is supportive of the government’s objectives to increase internet take-up as part of its efforts to encourage greater economic growth and social upliftment,” citing President Jacob Zuma’s promise to increase broadband access, reduce tariffs and ensure a high standard of internet service, in line with international norms, in his State of the Nation address last month.

“By lifting the usage cap and increasing competition, MWeb will greatly assist the industry change that is needed in this country,” Jansen said.

“This offer will enable South Africans to access and download content on scale never seen before. We have a real chance to lift ourselves from broadband mediocrity in South Africa, or we risk falling into broadband oblivion,” he said.

MWeb recently achieved Tier-1 ISP status with the migration of its customers to its own IPC network, giving it more control over its ADSL network. Jansen said he was confident that the additional control would mean better performance and higher service levels.

“We will also be utilising bandwidth on both the Sat3 and Seacom international cable systems in order to have full redundancy on our international bandwidth,” the chief executive said.

MWeb stressed, however, that for any ADSL service to be successful, a close working relationship with Telkom was needed as they still controlled the last mile. “MWeb will continue to work with Telkom to ensure MWeb subscribers receive the best possible network experience in the country,” it said.

The group is to introduce six data-only ADSL packages for consumers and businesses. The consumer data-only products will cost R219, R299 and R539 per month for line speeds of 384Kbps, 512 Kbps and 4Mbps respectively.

The MWeb business data-only offerings will cost R499 per month for a 384Kbps line, R699 per month for a 512Kbps line and R1 999 per month on a 4Mbps line.—I-Net Bridge

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