Satrix Divi Plus comes out tops

The Satrix Divi Plus Exchange Traded Fund has come out as the top performing fund across all equity funds for the past three years, to end September 2010.

This includes the performance of all unit trusts and exchange traded funds and shows that a passive fund such as the Satrix Divi can lead the pack amongst actively managed unit trusts that are fully invested in equities.

According to Mike Brown, the director of etfSA (an administration platform for exchange traded funds) the outperformance by Satrix Divi—by a robust 8% a year—suggests that the quest for high income yielding investment products has been a good investment strategy in recent years. The total return per annum was 42,61%.

Coming in second, with a total return of 34,54% per annum is Marriot Dividend Growth, followed by Coronation Top 20 (32,57%), Nedbank Investments Value (30,57%) and Stanlib Industrial (30,09%).
These are all unit trust funds.

The Divi portfolio consists of 30 companies selected from the JSE Top 40 and Mid-Cap indices that are generally expected to pay the best possible normal dividends.

The Divi tracks the FTSE/JSE Dividend Plus Index and is registered as a Collective Investment Scheme with the Financial Services Board (FSB).

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