/ 22 November 2010

Terre’Blanche murder-accused due to appear for trial

Terre'blanche Murder Accused Due To Appear For Trial

The trial of two men accused of hacking to death right-wing leader Eugene Terre’Blanche is expected to get under way on Monday in Ventersdorp, North West.

Rumours of an application for a postponement by the defence could not be officially confirmed. The trial was set down for a week.

On Friday, the National Prosecuting Authority made it clear that there would be no separation of trial.

“For the proceedings they will appear together in the same court but in terms of the legislation they will be tried under different acts, one for the adult and one for the minor … There will be no separation of trial,” spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga said.

The two had previously appeared separately.

Media houses wanting access to the trial would have to apply but there was a shortage of space, he said.

Renovation had been carried out on the dilapidated Ventersdorp Magistrate’s Court since the last court appearance.

White picket fence
The repainted white and green building was now surrounded by a high white picket fence and an adjoined High Court.

Chris Mahlangu, 28, and his 15-year-old co-accused allegedly murdered the AWB leader in April at his farmhouse.

Mahlangu was released in July on R5 000 bail but re-arrested in October after a Pretoria High Court judge said the magistrate in Ventersdorp had made “incomprehensive findings” in his awarding of bail.

The judge found that Mahlangu was a flight risk.

At a previous appearance, the court heard that Terre’Blanche carried a panga with him everywhere he went and he frequently took off his underpants because of the heat.

Shortly after the murder there was speculation, fuelled by reports of Terre’Blanche being found dead with his pants down, that he had attempted to sexually assault his killers.

It was revealed that the trio had been consuming alcohol before the incident and was in a “jovial” mood.

The motive for the crime was believed to be over a wage dispute.

The court heard that Terre’Blanche had been struck with such force with an iron bar that his jaw was broken and the bone had pierced his tongue.

Initial reports said that Terre’Blanche sustained 28 injuries but according to a medical summary disclosed on June 10, he had seven. — Sapa