/ 4 March 2011

My cultural life: Justice Rendani Mukheli

My Cultural Life: Justice Rendani Mukheli

Most of my work is inspired by what I do daily. I like driving around on my Vespa [scooter]. My biggest inspiration is my twin brother because we are always competing. He is an artist as well. We take turns — sometimes he is better than me, sometimes I’m better than him.

I like going to parks. Most weekends I go to the park with my girlfriend. We just sit there and I get inspired. I enjoy silence a lot. Nature appeals more to me because I get inspiration for colours, characters or maybe from a beautiful landscape.

I am currently reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler. It is just a funny book; there is nothing special about it. Before, I was reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwin. My friend actually lent me the book.

It talks about great people and how they have made it. I’m not great yet, but I would like to make it as well some day.

I loved the part where he was talking about how Bill Gates made it. He talks about the 10 000-hour rule — about how if I am an artist I should spend more time practising to be better at what I do because without practice I wouldn’t be as good as I want to be.

I love Thesis Social Jam Session. It has the cool crowd and it’s in Soweto where I am from and I like their movement. They are more about art and music and urban culture. Their urban culture is what relates best with me.

I go to restaurants a lot. I like going to Fournos Bakery. It’s sort of a habit with me, my boys and my girlfriend. Their food is great — I love food a lot. I’m just thankful that I don’t gain weight. I’m not specific about food — if it’s nice I would eat it.

I also like going to town in the CBD. I go looking for shoes in Indian shops, secondhand shops just to find cool things.

I used to skate but I don’t any more. I do graffiti.
Recently I have been listening to indie rock. I love depressed music; for some reason it makes me happy. I listen to Broken Social Scene a lot. Sparklehorse, they inspire me a lot. Their music has a lot of emotion and it’s that kind of music you listen to and you just want to cry. Their music moves me — it touches that spot that no other artist can touch.

I really don’t like commercial music because I think it has no value and it’s not timeless.

I’m really into fashion. I believe I could be a great stylist. I have a blog that focuses mostly on fashion for men. Because I really think that South African men mostly are not well dressed and I am really conscious about what one should wear.

Mukheli is an art director/ illustrator/ artist. He has worked on the Make the Circle Bigger and Pushi Passion campaigns for Vodacom and as an art director at Draftfcb. He later joined Humankind Advertising and worked on adverts for Heita, Telkom’s cellular network