CareerJunction: Online career index still dropping

CareerJunction, an online recruitment unit belonging to media group Avusa (AVU), said on Wednesday that its online labour supply and demand index continued to drop in February.

The new CareerJunction Index decreased during February and stood at 79,55 index points. In January, the index dropped to 86,19.

The positioning of the index below the 100 mark signals increased job search activity among professionals, while demand for labour has decreased slightly.

The index directly monitors the online labour market in South Africa by examining supply and demand trends across all industries.

If the index is greater than 100, this means that there are more job opportunities for potential career seekers, less potential career seekers per job advert and recruitment is difficult, due to less potential career seekers per job advert.

But a score of less than 100 indicates less job opportunities for potential career seekers, more potential career seekers per job advert, and recruitment is less difficult.

CareerJunction said on Wednesday recruiters had gained access to a larger talent pool, making recruitment easier.

Career seekers on the other hand faced tougher competition in the online job market, the recruitment group said.

“The index reveals a slight decrease in overall demand levels, however recruitment activity seems to have picked up across various industries over the past six months, providing evidence that the market is stabilising,” it said.—I-Net Bridge


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