/ 22 March 2011

How to sell using classifieds

Making extra cash during tough times is very tempting. Think about selling your unwanted goods online — but choose a reliable website.

Bronwyn Johnson, head of marketing at kalahariads.net, offers some tips on how to sell successfully online.

  • Safety first.Select a safe website first. I recommend a family friendly website that focuses on security. In high-risk categories such as electronics, where items including cellphones are sold, up to 90% of the adverts can be scams. Trusted websites can avoid this by vetting. And remember — if you’ve made a deal, be sure to meet in a safe place and take someone along with you. If you’re selling your car, for example, arrange to meet at a police station to view the car. It’s common sense.
  • Create a hardworking advert.Choose an effective heading as this captivates the right audience. The best headings are about six words long and contain one verb, for example: “View this affordable Claremont apartment now!” The 12 most powerful advertising words are: you, money, save, new, results, easy, health, safety, love, discovery, proven and guaranteed. Use at least some of these in your copy and convey as many facts as possible. Be honest and direct. Also upload a clear image of your product as consumers trust adverts with images far more readily.
  • Factor in postage.Don’t forget to factor in postage when selling or buying. A local buyer is obviously best, as is face-to-face trading, but if this isn’t possible, remember the cost of mailing an item.
  • Keep a time-frame in mind.Choose an ad medium that gives your product the greatest exposure — say, three months. This will be you a fair chance of making a sale. Also remember to choose the correct category for your ad. This will increase the number of visitors and potential buyers to your ad.
  • What adds value?Are you able to “share” the item on the website you’ve chosen to place your ad on? By clicking on “share” you can market your product on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. This increases visibility.
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