/ 19 August 2011

Pop rock at its least interesting

Pop Rock At Its Least Interesting

Arctic Monkeys: Suck It and See (Just Music)

It’s rarely a good sign when bands put their lyrics in their cover booklets. The Arctic Monkeys of “I bet that you look good on the dance floor” fame are not the type you’d expect to do that, but here they are, three albums down the line, with six pages of text. They’re moving closer towards later Oasis — and everyone knows what happened to Oasis in their later days. All in all this album is a disappointment. It does little for rock ‘n roll and even less for indie alternative. It is pop rock at its least interesting and, hopefully, the low point for a band that has shown itself to make music that can get listeners not only moving, but also feeling and thinking. Not even an album for the fans, it’s a boring collection of tracks that the band will likely look back on as some others look back at, dare I say it, Pablo Honey.