Ilham Rawoot

Giro d’Italia’s Israel start under fire

Politics is set to overshadow the iconic cycling race, which stands accused of ‘sport-washing’ human rights violations

District Six fails to rise from the ashes of apartheid

More than 50 years since the heart was ripped out of this vibrant Cape Town community, little has been done to restore the area.

Was Roger Kebble haunted by the pain of injustice?

In 2010, Brett Kebble's father bemoaned the lack of action taken against his son's killers in an interview with the M&G.

Crackdown on dissent in Bangladesh

The arrest of two of Bangladesh's foremost human rights activists has brought to light the country's severe crackdown on journalists and NGOs.

Saving lives in war-ravaged Syria

For doctors like South African Venessa Naidoo, working in war-torn Syria means providing life-saving treatment to the needy is a daily struggle.

Sexual assault in jail is common and brutal

Rape has become an accepted form of punishment for those in prison. Civil society groups say correctional services is doing nothing to change that.

Juvenile offenders: Youth care centre at risk of closure

The Cape Town government may shut down a facility that gives hope to boys whom society has shunned. Ilham Rawoot reports.

Children in Pollsmoor

In February 2011, there were 861 children in prison, under the age of 18, and 54 075 youth between the ages of 18 and 25.

Report shows sorry state of South Africa’s prisons

The correctional services department owes about R1.3-billion in damages to prisoners and former inmates for bodily injury and rape while in prison.

Taxpayers in the dark about arms deals

South Africa's arms exports show that human rights are not a priority when the government takes decisions on trade policy, according to arms experts.

Party from dusk to dawn in a grown-ups’ playground

Berlin is a creative hub and even in the most Sandtonesque area, Friedrichstrasse, home of the Reichstag, there is not a suit in sight.

Tuberculosis runs riot in Pollsmoor

The story of a ruined man's lone legal battle reveals the dangerous conditions that prevail at the Western Cape prison.

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