/ 12 October 2011

Qiniso dialogues: Where are we going, SA?

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (Gibs) and the Mail & Guardian are running six dialogues among 180 movers and shakers in society to uncover the five questions that every South African must answer in order to build the country.

How will the Qiniso Dialogues work?
There will be six dialogues of six hours each. Each dialogue brings together a select and carefully invited group of 30 vibrant and dynamic leaders. They represent the next generation of talent and ideas, and come from the vast diversity of our broader Johannesburg landscape, from Diepsloot to Dainfern, Sandton to the Inner City. We will meet in Newtown, Johannesburg for an introduction that will stimulate reflection. We will then move to the Gibs Inner City Campus in Pritchard Street to map the critical issues.

What are the five questions every South African should answer? The M&G and Gibs launched a unique workshop, the Qiniso dialogues, creating a space for dialogue among diverse South Africans to come up with productive questions we need to raise to help shape our future.

Manager for Gibs’ Dialogue Circle Anthony Prangley opened the Qiniso Dialogue sessions, and said it was important that the participants raise the debate about South Africa’s future and “our stake in it”. “We must raise the debate not only amongst ourselves, but also encourage a broader debate in the country about where we are going and about each of our responsibilities,” Prangley said.

What is the objective?
The series will produce, through honest and transparent engagement, a set of key questions that every South African must answer in order to secure a better future for our country. This will be published and debated in the M&G and shared through the Gibs community.

It is also our intention to build relationships across diverse sectors and leaders in our society. We want to develop a clear illustration of the key dynamics which are taking place in South Africa today, based on personal experience.

What we are looking for?
There will be online discussion of the key questions and a debate on what we need to ask ourselves in order to build a better country. We want your involvement in terms of posting questions and engaging in the debate. Here’s how:

  • Follow the dialogues as they unfold on Twitter, using the hashtag #Qiniso, and tweet your thoughts.
  • What is the one question for you that, if answered, could significantly impact our shared future? Let us know in the comment section below.
  • We also want you to nominate people whom you believe can help set the agenda and the key questions that South Africans need to answer.

Use the form below to send us your nominations.


  • Participants must be based in Johannesburg, or be able to be there on the day.
  • Our focus is on an emerging leadership group aged between 28 and 40, but older and younger leaders are welcome to apply.
  • There are four remaining dates for the dialogues: 4 or 5 November or 2 or 3 December 2011.