/ 23 March 2012

Cape art picks: March 23 2012

Race continues to dominate politics in the Cape, from internal divisions in the ANC to accusations of tokenism in the Democratic ­Alliance, debate over the University of Cape Town’s race-based entry policy and Khoisan revivalism.

It serves as the context for the group exhibition Ingekleur: Outside the Lines. ­Taking its title from Afrikaans for “coloured in”, the show is both a damning critique of imposed racial identity and a celebration of the innovative strategies employed by individuals to escape racial boundaries and stereotypes. Artists include Dion Cupido, George Hallett, Vivien Kohler, Craig Masters, Selvin November, Sophie Peters, Ayesha Price, Roderick Sauls, Craig Stewart, Donovan Ward and Mak1one.

AVA Gallery, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, until April 4. Tel: 021 424 7436. Website: ava.co.za.

■ Chad Rossouw first made his name in the art scene as “Robert Sloon”, the postmodern art sleuth who turned his private eye on the politics and intrigue of the art world in his Artheat blog. After a protracted silence, Rossouw is back on the scene, only this time he is an artist. His first solo exhibition, A ­History of Failure, examines the complex nature of history and identity in South Africa through a ­variety of media, including lithographs, sculpture and found objects. It is a subtle exhibition that demonstrates how a step back can expand our field of vision.

Brundyn + Gonsalves, 71 Loop Street, Cape Town, until May 2. Tel: 021 424 5150. Website: brundyngonsalves.com.