ABB South Africa: Proud to be linked to premier awards

What to do: The world is facing a challenge of how to provide reliable energy amid growing demand and rising concerns for the environment.

What to do: The world is facing a challenge of how to provide reliable energy amid growing demand and rising concerns for the environment.

ABB South Africa has demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency and innovation in renewables by sponsoring two categories in the Greening the Future Awards 2012: the innovations in renewables and the energy efficiency and carbon management awards.

As a leading power and automation technology company, ABB is proud to support the Greening the Future Awards. The awards programme is important for increasing awareness among the large audience of ABB’s technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The awards programme is a successful platform for ABB because it increasingly attracts a record number of entrants from industry, business, government and non-profit organisations. The Mail & Guardian’s Greening the Future Awards, now in its ninth year, is South Africa’s most comprehensive and credible celebration of environmental sustainability.

Entrants and winners inspire excellence and innovation among companies and organisations that are leading the way in responding to challenges and opportunities of sustainability.

Innovation is at the heart of ABB’s success and crucial to its long-term competitiveness.
Through continuous development of its product and solution portfolio, ABB improves customers’ operating performance, grid reliability and productivity while saving energy and resources and lowering environmental impact.

ABB has a wide range of products and services based on pioneering, innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity. Our technologies are used along the entire energy value chain: from the extraction of resources and the liquefication of natural gas or refinement of petroleum products to their transformation into electricity and their efficient use in industry, transportation and buildings.

ABB helps industrial and utility customers to improve their energy efficiency by providing specialists to audit their energy use and identify areas for improvement and then providing equipment, systems and solutions to use energy more efficiently.

The world is facing a serious energy challenge: how to provide reliable and affordable supplies amid fast-growing demand and rising ­concerns for the environment. The innovations in renewables award encourages excellence in the development and adoption of technologies that are good for the environment by reducing their environmental impact.

ABB manufactures and supplies a broad range of products for the solar power market. These are suitable for either the smallest residential building applications or large power plants. ABB’s products and solutions ensure that customers’ solar energy systems last with maximum uptime, which translates into increased power production and higher revenues for the system operator and owner.

With its 30 years of experience, in-depth know-how, global manufacturing footprint and thorough understanding of both wind turbine applications and power systems, ABB serves wind power customers at every stage of the process. It is the leading supplier to the wind power industry of electrical products and solutions.

Sustainability considerations at ABB cover how we design and manufacture products, what we offer customers, how we assess risks and opportunities and how we behave in the communities in which we operate and towards one another while striving to ensure the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and others affected by our activities.

Chesney Bradshaw is group communications and sustainability manager of ABB South Africa and a Greening the Future Awards judge

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