/ 29 August 2012

M&G Literary Festival: A high school reunion of sorts

Anele Mdoda
Anele Mdoda

It's not often that one gets to have a high school reunion on stage.

Tonight I'll be chatting to Anele Mdoda, one of the country's most popular radio DJs, and a former classmate. Little did I know, 12 years ago, that the popular netball player and class comedian (her) and the opinionated, bookish nerd (me) would be reunited years later on my favourite topic: writing.

The venue is the Market Theatre and the event is the Mail & Guardian's literary festival, which runs until Sunday.

Joining us on stage will be opinion-maker extraordinaire Khaya Dlanga, along with writer Gillian Breslin. Okay so I didn't go to school with those two but after reading their books I feel like I know them.

The books in question, their first in the case of Khaya and Anele, were written as part of The Youngsters series for Pan Macmillan. The five in the series were all penned by well-known young South Africans. The others are Shaka Sisulu, Danny K and Nik Rabinowitz, who co-wrote his book with the talented and hilarious Breslin, his longtime writing partner.

We'll be tackling a variety of themes that have emerged from their books, which speak to the environment that they and other young South Africans are operating in these days: wacky, politicised, sometimes difficult and often sheer fun. We'll also get their takes on hot news topics of the moment, including the Marikana massacre and Desmond Tutu's refusal to speak alongside Tony Blair.

It costs you just R40 to get in, R30 if you're a pensioner or student.

Book here, or just come along to the Market Theatre in Newtown at 7pm tonight and buy a ticket at the door.

Mail & Guardian Literary Festival

Session 2 – The Youngsters

Anele Mdoda, Khaya Dlanga and Gillian Breslin in discussion with Verashni Pillay

Date: Wednesday August 29           

Time: 7pm               

Venue: Market Theatre