/ 17 October 2012

Video killed the radio star: Die Antwoord eats Lady Gaga

Die Antwoord's new video has received more compliments than complaints.
Die Antwoord's new video has received more compliments than complaints.

The South African zef-rap group's latest video release Fatty Boom Boom mocks the global superstar and her recent admission to having an eating disorder.

The video features a Lady Gaga look-alike being driven around the city by a tour operator, played by comedian David Kibuuka. "Welcome to Africa, lady," he says, as her bodyguards keep a watchful eye.

The minibus passes hyenas, a panther (yes, a panther in Africa) chilling on Rockey Street, and the king of the jungle himself, Simba the lion. Gaga is gobsmacked.

Seconds after spotting some "local musicians about to kick some funky tunes" – Die Antwoord – Gaga is hijacked by AK47-wielding masked men. She makes a run for it and lands up in the dodgiest parts of town.

Eventually she finds herself at a black gynaecologist – a reference to South African artist Anton Kannemeyer's Black Gynaecologist. Look out for the Parktown prawn scene. It's gag-worthy, but oh so South African.

Lyrics and tweets
As always the lyrics are classy – "WAT SE ZUID AFRIKA? SUIG MY FOKKEN PIEL!" – and Yolandi's Chappies dress is, well, retro.

In the end Simba hunts Gaga down in her meat dress somewhere in downtown Jo'burg and devours her. 

Fatty Boom Boom may be Die Antwoord's biggest diss to date. The twitterverse had a lot to say about the video, mostly good things.

Sipho Hlongwane tweeted: "Ok, I'll admit it. The new video from Die Antwoord is a hoot."

Pulane Ramotala said: "Die Antwoord's New Video Is A Vortex Of Insanity."

Crixus saw the hilarious side of it: "You're a fatty boom boom, hit me with your ching ching"

And so did Marc Limon: "In prep 4 Die Antwoord 2nite in #Lawrence, woke up the wife w/ some Fatty Boom Boom. She didn't appreciate the ZEF-side beats!"

We're not sure whether Thierry Deville actually liked it, but he tweeted: "Fatty Boom Boom has got to be the most cringe-worthy video I've seen in ages!"

"This is GENIUS! Loving Die Antwoord Fatty Boom Boom," tweeted Shanae Tamari.

Some people have taken it way too seriously as Shane Smith revealed: "I'm on a plane watching Fatty Boom Boom and the woman next to me is trying to get me thrown off."

Others weren't even aware they were part of a bigger conversation on Twitter. "I loveee the guy from the hangover … The fatty boom boom one … His toooooo funnny," tweeted Ruth Kelly Gibson.

Lady Gaga is due to perform in South Africa at the end of November. Welcome to Africa, lady.

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