Adrian Ephraim

For My sake, please quit the Happy videos

Upon further exploration the Rosetta spacecraft discovered not God, but a lost sermon from the Almighty – and it appears he is pissed off with us.

Poetry and purgatory: Dante’s inferno for Brazil

Brazilian defender Dante's personal journey through hell in Belo Horizonte, as Germany routed Brazil 7-1, is steeped in poetry, writes Adrian Ephraim.

Nyaope’s deadly, and addictive, mix

The highly addictive mix of heroin and cannabis is the drug of choice for the economic outcasts.

An alternative member of Parliament oath

To everyone I owe my new credit limit to, I swear allegiance. So help me Jacob.

Pravin Gordhan’s 9 commandments (for wasteful ministers)

The revered minister of money Pravin Gordhan returned from the pulpit known as Parliament with nine commandments for his ministers.

Zuma: Don’t think like an African – pay up for e-tolls

Another week, another curious off-the-cuff remark from Jacob Zuma has left observers bewildered - which some call the "I am not an African" speech.

Tragic tale of South Africa’s soccer legends

Tragedy has been stalking South Africa's soccer fraternity, as the death of Bafana Bafana's assistant coach Thomas Madigage has highlighted.

Video killed the radio star: Die Antwoord eats Lady Gaga

Turning down Lady Gaga's request to be her opening act during one of her tours wasn't enough for Die Antwoord, they had to have her eaten alive.

Screw the index, we’re happy and we know it

Nothing annoys South Africans more than someone saying we're worse off than Zimbabwe. But at least we're not Botswana.

The Zuma birthday cards you may have missed

As SA wishes Jacob Zuma a happy 70th birthday, the <em>Mail & Guardian</em> has imagined more appropriate birthday wishes from our public figures.

The Constitution and all things Poogled

They speak with forked tongues and attack the Constitution in their sleep. Politicians -- we can't expel them ourselves, but we can Poogle them.

Settlement sets hopeful precedent for apartheid victims

Victims of apartheid will receive R10 000 as a result of a settlement between General Motors in the United States


Focus on FW de Klerk distracted attention from the troubling state of the nation

Some political analysts say President Cyril Ramaphosa is taking too long to mend the country, others says it is the ANC itself that must be fixed

Eastern Cape MEC orders graft investigation after two workers killed at troubled district municipality

The killing of two council workers at the Amathole district municipality appears to be linked to tender fraud and corruption

South Africans stuck in China are desperate to escape coronavirus ‘prison’

But the department of international relations and co-operation claims they are comfortable and taken care of 

Press Releases

Response to the report of the independent assessors

VUT welcomes the publishing of the report of the independent assessors to investigate concerns of poor governance, leadership, management, corruption and fraud at the university.

NWU student receives international award

Carol-Mari Schulz received the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene Top Achiever Award.

Academic programme resumes at all campuses

Lectures, practicals, seminars and tutorials will all resume today as per specific academic timetables.

Strategic social investments are a catalyst for social progress

Barloworld Mbewu enables beneficiaries to move away from dependence on grant funding

We all have a part to play to make South Africa work

Powering societal progress demands partnerships between all stakeholders

So you want to be a social entrepreneur?

Do the research first; it will save money and time later

Social entrepreneurship means business

Enterprises with a cause at their core might be exactly what our economy desperately needs

Looking inwards

Businesses are finding tangible ways to give back – but only because consumers demand it