Cops line road to Nkandla ahead of DA visit

President Jacob Zuma's homestead at Nkandla. (Madelene Cronje)

President Jacob Zuma's homestead at Nkandla. (Madelene Cronje)

A large group of Zuma supporters, many wearing T-shirts displaying their support for him, were on the road outside Zuma's residence, in the village of KwaNxamalala. The song Awulethu Mshini Wami (Bring me my machinegun) was blaring from a sound system. Some carried placards reading: "Stop attacking Zuma".

A police helicopter was in the air and officers were stopping vehicles heading in the direction of Zuma's compound, checking licences and identities.

There were several armoured Nyala riot vehicles at various points along the road, as well as a water canon.

The Democratic Alliance was planning to visit Zuma's private residence, where an upgrade, reportedly costing over R200-million, was in progress.
Zille and DA officials intended inspecting roads around the property and would try to enter the compound.

Zille was expected to arrive at the residence between 10am and 11am, along with a media contingent.

The African National Congress and its allies have criticised the move.

On Saturday the South African Communist Party said the planned inspection was part of a racist right-wing agenda.

In a statement SACP spokesperson Malesela Maleka warned the DA leader that she would have to take full responsibility for the consequences of the visit to Nkandla.

"The SACP is peeved by the ongoing DA cheap publicity stunts and reckless attempts to score political points," he said.

He said the visit was nothing more than a continuing attempt to insult Zuma.

On Friday the African National Congress warned that the DA could receive a welcoming similar to the stone-throwing that erupted in May when the opposition party tried to march to the Congress of South African Trade Unions' headquarters in Johannesburg. - Sapa

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