Die Antwoord's 'Cookie Thumper' set to cause a stir

A scene from 'Cookie Thumper'. (Screengrab)

A scene from 'Cookie Thumper'. (Screengrab)

"Sny jou koekie, sny sny jou koekie" are just some of the lyrics belted out by manic pixie vocalist Yolandi Vi$$er on their latest release.

The video opens with a barefooted Yolandi, dressed in a school dress and pink backpack, picking up marijuana from Anies – a 26 and 27s gangster who has been let out of prison.

Yolandi admires Anies's "chappies" (tattoos) before inviting him to visit her at the orphanage where she stays.

The video, directed by frontman Ninja aka Waddy Jones, then erupts into a high-pitched, high-energy tribute to the indelible "gangsta" Anies, spliced with scenes of Yolandi smoking marijuana, dancing around in a yellow woolen crocheted bikini top and urinating on the orphanage's stairs.

Yolandi and Anies finally meet in a love scene bound to provoke reactions from Die Antwoord fans and critics alike.

Tweets streamed in soon after the video's release.

@DieAntwoord Wow, no wonder we have been waiting for this video for so long! Great video, just a pity that there is no ninjas in this video

— ??? ?????????. (@Ninja_Yolandi) June 18, 2013

//t.co/oHPP2FGR7c Feminists won't like Die Antwoord's new video "Cookie Thumper". That said, no one will.
It's rubbish.

— Jerm (@mynameisjerm) June 18, 2013

People are offended by the new video by Die Antwoord? Mission accomplished then. Cookie Thumper: //t.co/ocbIF03Gbb

— Zombie Phil (@Zombie_Phil) June 18, 2013

da new die antwoord video is off da chain //t.co/2EiWM0aaJv

— Margaret G. (@ser_lady) June 18, 2013

Die Antwoord shot to fame after the YouTube release of their first single Enter the Ninja, and have gathered millions of fans internationally, with tours to the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China. 

They are known for their controversial, border-pushing videos, including the Roger-Ballen-directed I FINK U FREEKY, and Fatty Boom Boom, where popstar Lady Gaga is shown  being eaten by a lion in the streets of Johannesburg.


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