M&G Hangout: Why a women's site?

The M&G recently launched M&G Women, a hub for issues on gender, equality, health, technology and relationship content. The reaction from media watchers was swift and, to be fair, largely negative.

"The beginnings of what sounds like an M&G online version of Huisgenoot … indicative of how we see women in society" wrote one ThoughtLeader blogger, while reporter Mandy de Waal described the move as an attempt to "dumb down to become more popular, palatable".

So does the women’s site ghettoise women’s issues at the M&G or does it allow these stories more space to breathe? Have you seen the site? How does it sit with you?

Join our live hangout this Friday as we speak to M&G editor-in-chief Chris Roper, M&G Women editor Aliki Karasaridis, the Star reporter Kristen van Schie and others who've come down on both sides of this issue to discuss if there is a place for dedicated women's sections on news sites.

Join us live at 1pm on Friday.

You can see our previous live videos here.

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