/ 11 September 2013

Ruffled feathers: SA artist Cohen arrested in Paris

Ruffled Feathers: Sa Artist Cohen Arrested In Paris

South African artist Steven Cohen was arrested on Tuesday in a "highly touristic place of Paris" and charged with sexual exhibitionism. 

"The eccentric artist paraded around Trocadero Square facing the Eiffel Tower at 9.30am, clad in a bird costume, high heels and a living rooster tied to his genitals," said news site RFI on Wednesday.

He was later released, with a court date scheduled for December 16.

Parading in front of a group of tourists while mimicking the movements of a chicken, the artist wore a chicken costume that consisted of feathers on his hands and head, high-heel shoes, hot pants and long, red gloves, reported Beeld.

According to RFI, Cohen's lawyer Agnès Tricoire said, "Steven Cohen wanted to evocate his situation, shared between two countries, South Africa, his native country and France, where he currently lives."