/ 21 September 2013

Malema calls ANC government worse than apartheid

At the launch of the Economic Freedom Fighters
At the launch of the Economic Freedom Fighters

The ANC is worse than the apartheid government, Economic Freedom Fighter founder Julius Malema said on Saturday.

"Our people did not die for a house that will not last for three months,'' he said referring to RDP houses.

He was speaking at a rally in Lethabong near Rustenburg, to celebrate his party registration with the Independent Eletoral Commission.

He said the ANC built small poor quality houses in contrast to what they had been fighting for. "There is nothing dignified about the houses."

He said supplying water to residents was not complex. "You just dig a hole and put a pipe to take water to the people it is so simple."

He said black people would never own land under the ANC.

"Our struggle is about land. Mandela was arrested for demanding land." He said people should vote for a party that could deliver. "Do not vote for people who sing and jive. Vote for principles and policies that deliver.''

Malema was expected to launch his party in Marikana on October 13. Malema accused the ANC of killing Marikana mineworker.

"It is only in South Africa where 34 people are killed and no one resigns.''

He was refering to 34 mineworkers killed on August 16 2012 during a strike at Lonmin mines in Marikana. "There is a restless spirit at that koppie. We are going to tell the spirit that we are taking the economic freedom forward."

Malema ended his speech by singing the controversial kill the boer song, replacing kill with kiss. – Sapa