/ 15 October 2013

Hundreds march to Diepsloot police station after toddlers found dead

Hundreds March To Diepsloot Police Station After Toddlers Found Dead

Hundreds of people, including many women with children on their backs, on Tuesday marched to a makeshift police station from the Number One area in Diepsloot where two toddlers were found dead in a toilet cubicle earlier in the day.

Members of the group toppled construction signs over as they walked in anger towards a makeshift police station in the area. It is still unclear why they decided to march on the building.

The children were reported missing by their parents at the weekend, Gauteng police said.

A large manhunt got under way on Saturday, with members of the community searching rivers and homes in an effort to find the missing girls.

The two girls were aged two and three and, according to Eyewitness News (EWN), and were last seen in the area on Saturday, walking with an unknown man.

Their bodies were discovered by a community member on Tuesday morning, Dlamini said.

The discovery of the two bodies comes a month after a five-year-old girl's body was found dead in the area, after it was believed that she was raped.

According to an EWN report on September 9, the girl's body was found next to a dumpster "just metres away from the home".

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the murder, said the report, adding that "it remains unknown whether all three murders were committed by the same person". – Additional reporting by Sapa