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BestRand is an ongoing photography project by Johannesburg-based photographer Hanro Havenga. (Supplied)

BestRand is an ongoing photography project by Johannesburg-based photographer Hanro Havenga. (Supplied)

BestRand: A photo collection of South African suburban scenes

BestRand is an ongoing photography project by Johannesburg-based photographer Hanro Havenga. The series follows on from his “500 Days of Photography” project, where he challenged himself to take photographs daily to develop his eye and establish his style.

BestRand is a documentation of everyday scenes – sometimes poignant, sometimes so mundane they become interesting when frozen in time and film.

The project that began in the West Rand has expanded geographically but stays true to Havenga’s distinct style characterised by the suburban slices of life he chooses to capture.

Narrative Illustrations by Inus Pretorius based on WEG Louw’s Poem “Adam”.

Inus Pretorius, a talented illustrator and graphic designer based in Pretoria, has recently completed his honours thesis project. The project is a case-bound, hardcover book of narrative illustrations that Pretorius created to accompany WEG Louw’s poem, Adam.

Drawing on his love for fantasy and science fiction, Pretorius chose to illustrate Louw’s poem because it gave him the opportunity to really explore story telling, atmosphere and a sense of the monumental in his work.

Fantasma: A new ‘superband’ assembled by Spoek Mathambo

For 2014, producer/singer/rapper Spoek Mathambo presents Fantasma, a new “superband” whose members have been recruited from across South Africa.

The diverse group of four comprises electronica producer DJ Spoko from Pretoria, traditional Zulu instrumentalist Bhekisenzo Cele from Durban, psychedelic rock guitarist Andre Geldenhuys from Cape Town, and frontman Afro-futurist artist, Mathambo representing Johannesburg.

Taking cues from the title of Fantasma’s debut EP, Eye of The Sun, photographer/cinematographer Kent Andreasen shot the group as futuristic nomads, aboard camels, reflecting brilliant colours from their eyewear.

Brilliant ‘spare-time’ photography by Gabriella Achadinha

Originally from Bloemfontein, Gabriella Achadinha relocated to Cape Town in 2009 to study Film Production at Afda. She then completed her honours in Film and Media Marketing at the University of Cape Town and is currently working as a freelance production coordinator.

While her passion for photography was not as immediate as her love for film, Achadinha now spends the majority of her spare time taking photographs and is building up a beautiful collection of images in the process. Her adopted city has become an influence on her photographic work – both physically through its beautiful landscape, and through its hive of young artists, many who feature in Achadinha’s portraiture.

Award-winning album art for Haezer

Chris Slabber is a graphic designer who uses photo manipulation to create other worlds in his designs. Commissioned by unconventional, electronic dance musician Haezer to create the artwork for his latest EP – Gold Plated Frequencies – Slabber worked together with photographer Adriaan Louw to create an image that was recently selected as a winner for the 2014 international A’Design Award and Competition.

The idea of simulating the tension of energy inside a body trying to escape its captor, lead Slabber to imagine a stone sculpture on the verge of breaking apart. He began researching ancient Roman and Greek sculptures to try to understand how they would react to vibrations before simulating the effect in his art.

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