/ 3 May 2014

Mazibuko: We deserve better

Mazibuko: We Deserve Better

South Africa deserves better, Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko told thousands of supporters at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg on Saturday. 

Mazibuko told party supporters how she had walked for kilometres with women from Podile in Limpopo to collect water at a stream they shared with animals.

“We have seen in my home province of KwaZulu-Natal where the money goes when it is not being spent on delivering to our people. It goes to building a palace worth R249-million for President Jacob Zuma,” she said. 

Mazibuko said Zuma’s cows live in more security than the people of the province. And the enclosure where his chickens live is more luxurious than the homes of the people who elected him.

“A place where swimming pools, helipads, amphitheatres and multimillion-rand air-conditioners are considered security features. Democrats, we deserve better,” said Mazibuko.

Sea of blue
The DA was holding its final rally at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg ahead of the elections, turning the stadium into a sea of blue.

People were singing, dancing and waving flags in the air. The crowd sang “[President Jacob] Zuma thupa e etla [the whip is coming]”. And many held placards reading “Together for jobs”. 

The party was expecting at least 12 000 people to attend the rally.

Mazibuko said that while interacting with different communities across the country, she found people who were disappointed in government over their failure to provide for them.

She told supporters that the DA was improving the lives of thousands in the 28 municipalities where the party governed and that the party had banned politicians and government officials from doing business with the provincial government in a bid to cut out corruption.

“We have banned politicians from wasting public money on million-rand cars, luxury hotels and palatial houses,” she said. 

Mazibuko called on South Africans to rally behind her party and send a message to Zuma that they wanted hope and jobs. – Sapa