Educating educators in expert-led conference sessions

African EduWeek. (Supplied)

African EduWeek. (Supplied)

The EduWeek conference draws on the expertise of over 50 presenters to address some of the key issues and developments currently faced in basic education, higher education and with the introduction of education technology into institutions across Africa. 

EduWeek Conference highlights

As part of the EduWeek keynote address, Dr Judy Willis, regarded worldwide as the leading expert in the field of learning-centred brain research and classroom strategies, will be presenting a session entitled “Why teacher education should include neuroscience”.

Dr Willis is making the trip from California to present at African EduWeek so do not miss your opportunity to learn from her methods. 

• Session 5: E-learning the education evolution, hosted by Kobus van Wyk, head of e-learning at Mustek, is a bring your own device crash course on how to easily and effectively incorporate e-learning and m-learning into the classroom. The session also features case studies from Springs Boys’ High School and St’ George’s University. Technology is a key theme in a number of the conference sessions.

• Session 9: A guide to creating online educational resources for your lessons promises to be something special as representatives from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Smart Exchange team up to showcase the best online teaching and educational tools available and how educators can access and use them. 

•  Session 6: Breakthrough technologies for inclusive education. Inclusive education is a hot topic in South Africa at the moment and one of the world’s pioneering -companies in the field, Edit Microsystems, will host the session. It highlights how modern technology is breaking down barriers to quality education and opening doors for learners with disabilities and difficulties in mainstream environments. This session includes hands-on -demonstrations and case studies from the relevant specialists in the Edit Microsystems team.

There are a total of 10 sessions -taking place at African EduWeek, plus the free-to-attend keynote -session. Full conference passes start at just R1 950 and individual session passes can be purchased for just R495. 

For more information or to book your pass visit or call 021 700 3557.

International partnerships at African EduWeek

One of the key drivers of African EduWeek is connecting education professionals from across the -continent, and indeed the world, to one another. EduWeek will entertain a host of international visitors, exhibitors and conference speakers and -delegates, but a new introduction for 2014 is the Chinese International Pavilion. 

The pavilion will feature a number of companies as part of the Chinese Education Instrument & Equipment Corporation. They will be showcasing the latest classroom products from China, as well as providing an opportunity for school principals and teachers to network and knowledge share. 

China has been identified as a key strategic partner for education by the South African government as part of a bilateral trade agreement between the two nations. 

All visitors are invited to attend the China Open Day taking place at African EduWeek on July 10 to gain further understanding about how the trade agreement and the latest innovations from China could improve their institutions.

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