Because humanity and society matter

The operating budget of the Human and Social Development Cluster amounts to R6.3-billion for the 2015/16 financial year. The three-year medium-term capital budget of the Human Development Cluster amounts to about R1.6-billion.

Community development

The department of community development receives an operating budget of R1-billion for the 2015/16 financial year. R410-million is allocated for multi-year capital projects. In line with the flagship Smart City programme we are investing in providing access to internet services within community centres and recreation centres. New community centres will be constructed in Drieziek, Kaalfontein, Matholesville, Phiri, Diepsloot and Orlando Ekhaya. These facilities will host various workshops, festivals and projects. 


The health department receives an operating budget of R743-million for 2015/16 and a three-year capital budget of R315-million. Key projects funded include long and healthy lives for all through programmes aimed at chronic disease prevention, primary health care, HIV and TB, women, maternal and reproductive health; environmental health promotion and communicable disease control. The ward-based Patient Health Information system will reduce waiting times at municipal clinics.?

Social development

The department of social development is allocated an operating budget of R182-million for 2015/16 and capital budget allocation of R51.5-million, which will fund key initiatives such as access to food; urban farmer support; healthy lifestyles; and a single window for services to the poor and vulnerable. A Social Development One-Stop Centre in the Empire-Perth Corridor has been funded R6-million in 2015/16, with other centres to follow, to ensure that vulnerable individuals seeking assistance from the city can have all their requirements met in one place and cut expensive travel costs.

Public safety

The operating budget allocation for public safety amounts to R3.4-billion for 2015/16 while its multi-year capital budget allocation is R562-million for both Emergency Management Services (EMS) and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD). The focus will be on emergency management and safety programmes. 

The EMS programmes include creating a law-abiding and regulated city and improved public safety and disaster readiness. The Integrated Operational Centre (IOC) has been granted R210-million. The IOC will assist the city’s management to improve public safety and emergency management responsiveness. “In areas where CCTVs are already operational, there has been a 37% decline in assaults and a 27% reduction in robbery, resulting in Johannesburg dropping off the list of the world’s most dangerous cities,” said Makhubo. Provision has been made for fire stations in Cosmo City and Protea Glen and for fire and rescue equipment.

The JMPD programmes include the continued rollout of the Joburg 10 Plus Programme of ward-based policing and management of public spaces; traffic management; bylaw enforcement and community outreaches through participation in community policing forums. JMPD will continue recruiting new officers to increase visibility of police officers in all wards. 

Parks and zoo

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is allocated an operating budget of R856-million for 2015/16 and a three-year capital budget of R223.5-million. This budget will be used for public open space management; conservation management; upgrade of various public spaces and parks; new parks development in areas such as Stretford (Orange Farm) and Brixton Park Upgrade. Various upgrades will be undertaken at the Zoo.


Joburg City Theatres is allocated an operating budget of R126-million for the 2015/16 financial year and a multi-year capital budget of R20-million. Allocations will focus on various projects including management of the Stages Restaurant facility. There will be a focus on attracting more diversified audiences and liberating the African voice in performance arts.