Meet the G-man Russell Abrahams

Cape Town-based illustrator Russell Abrahams.

Cape Town-based illustrator Russell Abrahams.

Describe the room you are sitting in
My car! I had to quickly stop off at a friend’s house because I forgot to send this mail. #typicalcapetonian

What is your ID name?
I used to work under the name Fatlip. It was a nickname during high school, which I used as an alias.
I have dropped it this year and I work under my real name, Russell Abrahams. I think I just grew out of that name/alias.

When was your last birthday and how old did you turn?
I turned 23 on the 12th of January. So, I’m still a baby, right?

What’s it like to live and work in Cape Town now?
The best part about working in Cape Town is that I have become friends with a lot of illustrators and designers that I always looked up to since I was in college. Just from being in the CBD, I have been able to make connections with a lot of like-minded people. Which is great.

Who was the last person to text you?
An illustrator who is a friend of mine. His name is PJ Offener. He was basically giving me advice on some exhibition work I’m currently busy with.

The letter G recreated by Russell Abrahams. 

Is this a drawing of a real life G (cool guy) that you know or your own creation?
It’s my own creation. The good folks over at Between 10 and 5 asked me to illustrate the letter “G” for them. I’m a really big streetwear head, so I kind of took it into the whole streetwear editorial realm. I’m also really excited about winter fashion, so I wanted to portray this cool character with a really nice jacket. I really just wanted to have fun with this illustration and that’s exactly what the entire process was. :)

What do you want to do with your talent?
I really want to become a great and successful South African illustrator. I love the youth of our country so, if my work can benefit, inspire them, I’ll be extremely happy. I think the key to my happiness is creating great work that helps others realise that they too can chase their dreams.

Find Abrahams’s work on his Behance page: 

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