How to decide on a career

Questions about myself

- What do I like? What do I hate?

- What do I really, really want to know more about?

- Do l work well in teams?

- What do I do really well?

- What do I find challenging?

- How much money do I want to earn?

- Do I prefer to make things or to read about things being made?

- What kind of workplace do I want to work in?

- Am I better at working on my own?

- How long am I prepared to study?

- At what age do I want to retire?

- What do I want to do tomorrow?

- What do I want to do in 10 years’ time?

- How hard am I willing to work?

- Do I want a spouse and children?

- What hours am I willing to work?

Questions about the job

- Can I job-shadow someone to get an idea of what it’s like?

- Who can I interview about my job?

- How many employers are looking for people working in the career I’m considering?

- Is what I want to do a scarce skill?

Questions about studying

- What qualifications are available in my field?

- Can I study through a university, university of technology, FET college, learnerships, apprenticeships or internships?

- What sector education and training authorities (Setas) function in my industry?

- What are the admission requirements for my field of study?

- What subjects should I choose in grade nine for grade 10 to 12?

- What level of education do I want?

Questions about the job

- How much will my studies cost?

- Where will I live while I’m studying?

- How will I pay for my studies?

- Where can I get a bursary or study loan?

- Who will pay for my studies?

- Can I get financial aid?

. .