Slice of Life: Idol an omen, Kani just luck

Swankie Mafoko (Photo: Delwyn Verasamy)

Swankie Mafoko (Photo: Delwyn Verasamy)

I’d just started shooting Keeping Score for SABC2. Before that I had always been a huge theatre head and there was this one actor I was in awe of. This was that one person who, if you met, you would go crazy.

One day, just a month ago, I walked into work at 6am, grumpy, thinking I would rather be anywhere else. As I was walking in, he was walking out of the dressing room area. I took a step back asking myself: “What was he doing there?” He was in our dressing room.

I’d tweeted so many times that working with Mothusi Magano would be the ultimate for me … and there he was walking up to me. He asked where the toilet was.

I couldn’t speak. I was star-struck — that thing is real.

After he left, probably thinking I was a weirdo, I gushed about how he was my favourite actor and how I had followed his work.

I couldn’t believe it because at the beginning of the year I kept on telling myself that the year couldn’t end until I had shared a scene with him.

When I put this out in the universe I hadn’t even landed my first job after my disappointment last year, when I lost my job.

And at my first television show I met the icon I wanted to work with. This was confirmation that I was doing the right thing and hadn’t left Durban for nothing.

It was the highlight of my year — besides the meeting I had with John Kani when he just walked up to me and said: “Hello sisi, unjani.” I think that was just pure luck. — Swankie Mafoko as told to Athandiwe Saba

Athandiwe Saba

Athandiwe Saba

Athandiwe Saba is a multi award-winning journalist who is passionate about data, human interest issues, governance and everything that isn’t on social media. She is an author, an avid reader and trying to find the answer to the perfect balance between investigative journalism, online audiences and the decline in newspaper sales. It’s a rough world and a rewarding profession. Read more from Athandiwe Saba

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