Unembargoed: Mail & Guardian December 16 - 20

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Get your fix of the M&G here.

Zuma: From unifer to divider

Daddy’s decade has seen resolutions gather dust and the party left in tatters

Branches may wreck conference

Delegates from disqualified branches are intent on bargaining into the ANC’s leadership election

DD: Tactical genius or Dark Lord?

Critics say he operates in the shadows, but David Mabuza may be the kingmaker at conference time.

No end to the legal challenges

Several of the legal challenges concerning the conference remain unresolved, with the promise of more to come.

How Rhodes expelled rape protesters

Students have vowed to get their expulsions overturned; one didn’t get a chance to testify.

Wits staff may strike over increase

Employees say the university’s mooted salary increases won’t cover the escalating costs of living.

Drought relief, 10 litres at a time

With dry taps an imminent reality for the City of Cape Town, a former resident has started a campaign to get Johannesburg residents holidaying in the Mother City to take 10 litres of water with them.

New law to protect top torturers

Sections of South Africa’s draft International Crimes Bill are likely to be strongly opposed.

Here’s how the Post Office social grants deal works

Social grants recipients finally have a deal that ensures they are paid without their personal information being shared.

Zuma runs out of legal road — and public money to build more of it

The president can opt to stymie the state capture probe further, but it maybe for his own account.

Manning up to the epidemic

Every week, about 20 men walk through the doors of a container-cum-health centre.
Many are taxi drivers and travellers, including in transit to far-flung places such Durban and Johannesburg.

For tech to be funded, it must improve lives

This is not a situation that technology can simply paper over — or that imposed technology can mitigate.

Mozambican war victims embrace their new home in Limpopo

It is estimated that more than one million Mozambicans died during the 16-year civil war the broke out in 1977. It finally ended in October 1992 with the singing of the General Peace Agreement in Rome.


Snubbing Steinhoff has paid off

Futuregrowth dumped its shares in the company years ago because the warning signs were clear

Tax burden falls on a few firms

On top of that, Sars has seen a gradual increase of tax noncompliance from both individuals and companies

New Prasa boss faces tough job

Corruption still bedevils the agency but Molepo says he will not be an armchair chief executive.

Multichoice fracas dogs Naspers

Try as hard as it might, it’s proving increasingly hard for Naspers to distance itself from the MultiChoice muddle—and now Chinese regulators have also been asked to investigate the matter.

Jo’burg’s taps might also run dry

The city of gold’s creaky infrastructure means water security may cause it to run out by 2025.


A beginner’s guide to boutique festivals

Big events have their attractions but niche festivals, which are less financially risky, are drawing crowds.

A guide to couch potatoing

There is plenty out there to binge watch to escape any obligatory merriment this festive season

A wine lover’s top 10

There is no better ally to get you through the awkward moments of silence with that weird cousin than the great vine.

SA’s heartiest holes in the wall

Eating out this festive season needn’t bankrupt you. Here are some of our best cheap, family-run eateries.

For sonic explorers

It was another great year for music. Lloyd Gedye picks 10 albums that soundtracked his year.

The people’s war updated

An underground operative challenges many established views about important aspects of the struggle.

Chasing the Trane inside our souls

In Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary, directed and written by John Scheinfeld, there are parts where you begin to feel like the title is purposefully metaphorical.

Eating through Spain and Portugal

A trip around Spain, taking in Barcelona, Madrid and Granada, and ending in Lisbon, Portugal, is packed with gastronomic delights and adventure.


Children illegally detained at Lindela, says civil society

New accusations raise the question: Who is watching the watchers

When the tiniest hearts break: Behind SA’s shortage of paediatric heart surgeons

South Africa doesn’t have enough heart surgeons for toddlers and babies. Find out why in this week’s edition of the M&G


Central African Republic: The state that doesn’t exist

Even in its best days, the CAR was never much of a state. But since the outbreak of civil war in 2013, the government has all but ceased to exist outside the capital Bangui.

Mnangagwa tightens grip on power

“Since the military takeover, soldiers have not returned to barracks but are now involved in policing the streets”


The winner is unlikely to take it all

The ANC presidential race is about how much control the victor will be able to exercise

Editorial: Only the ANC can save itself

If there is one thing we will take away from Zuma’s disastrous management of the country, it is the dire consequences of allowing systems of accountability to decay, be subverted and ultimately fail.

Editorial: Turning the page at the M&G

The MDIF, although a registered non-profit, is not a donor. It aims to make the M&G financially sustainable, thereby securing its future, and brings extensive experience operating media houses in other developing countries.

ANC’s choice: Uncertainty or disaster

If a Ramaphosa win spells uncertainty, a Dlamini-Zuma win spells disaster. Just look at the thugs she has in her inner circle, such as Ace Magashule.

Fevered dreams as the ANC national conference looms

“I understand what’s wrong with me. With three days to go till the ANC national conference, I’m already in the zone. The dreams will continue throughout conference. I had the same problem at Polokwane. And Mangaung.”

Cutting ties with Israel won’t hurt SA

A ‘downgrading’ of diplomatic relations with Israel may be in the country’s interest

Faith can promote rape culture

Pastors who use biblical texts to justify what is ‘natural’ perpetuate gender violence

A Rhodes by any other name

The university’s reason for not changing its name is disingenuous considering its history

Literacy must start at infancy

Parents and early childhood educators are as vital as foundation phase teachers

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