Slice of Life: Cyril, he’s a man of the people

I’ve been a driver for 15 years. I started in 2002 because I wanted to travel.

I’ve travelled through the whole SADC region and even now I am still travelling.

I have had a lot of memorable trips in this job and worked with many different people.

During the 2010 Soccer World Cup I transported the Korean team as well. We didn’t speak much because English was a bit of a problem.

Even Cyril Ramaphosa, I have worked with him. Every year he has a gathering with all the students on his scholarship at his game reserve in Bela Bela and this year I transported them there.

He’s a very interesting guy and he cares about people. He’s the kind of person who won’t just pass you by without acknowledging you.

We thought because we were just drivers he would just pass us. But I was surprised when he came to us directly and shook hands with us.

He wanted to know who we were and where we came from. He asked about our journey of bringing his students there.

It’s not often that people who are in his position of status do something like that.

Actually, let me say they don’t do it at all.

They will see you and think, ‘argh he’s just a driver’, and it ends there.

But he took it upon himself to come to us.

To come to us.

Not that we go to him.

I’m not into politics so I can’t say much about him winning the presidential election.

What I do understand is that he’s a good person in and of himself. I think he can take that goodness that he applies in his personal life and spread it to the country. That would be alright. – Thabo Mashile as told to Tebogo Tshwane

Tebogo Tshwane
Tebogo Tshwane

Tebogo Tshwane is an Adamela Trust financial journalism trainee at the Mail & Guardian. She was previously a general news intern at Eyewitness News and a current affairs show presenter at the Voice of Wits FM. Tshwane is passionate about socioeconomic issues and understanding how macroeconomic activities affect ordinary people. She holds a journalism honours degree from Wits University. 


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